Build a support network

You can reach a healthy weight on your own, but getting support can help
you over any ‘trouble spots'. Family and friends, trained professionals or
other people who are trying to achieve a healthy weight can help:

  • They can keep you motivated when times get tough
  • They can be the difference between success and failure
  • They are someone to share your successes with and to give you a pep
    talk when you feel you're going to slip
  • They can give you practical support: someone to exercise or swap
    recipes with.

Get expert advice

Going to a weight loss group or seeing a dietitian can help too.

Here is a list of dietitians in your area:

How to build your support network

  • Don't be shy! Explain to people that you are committing to a new healthier lifestyle and that their support is important to you
  • Ask a friend at work to be a buddy. Ask them to join you for lunchtime walks or to share healthy lunches with you
  • Neighbourhood watch. Get together with a supportive neighbour or friend for some exercise that will motivate and encourage you
  • Learn to say no. Don't accept every invitation to dinner or drinks. Suggest activities like a weekend hike or dance lessons!
  • Join in. If there are local healthy weight groups or sports teams, give them a go. Pick an enjoyable activity suited to your level of fitness
  • Spread the word! Encourage those around you to join you in your healthy weight efforts. Pass on the many benefits of reaching a healthy weight. Maybe you'll get some company and support on the way!