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Food diary checklist

Click to download food diary checklist (pdf)

Look through your food diary everyday, and use this checklist to record the changes you need to make to your eating habits.

Download food diary checklist (pdf, 40kb)

Why keep a diary?

Keep a diary to track your food intake and activity levels. A diary:

  • Makes you aware of your eating and activity habits
  • Helps you to spot problem areas so you can make conscious choices about what you eat and do
  • Allows you to plan changes and set goals to motivate you
  • Gives you the chance to think twice before you act

Guidelines for keeping a diary

  • Fill in the diary as you go if possible: don't leave it until the next day.
  • Write down everything you eat or drink and any physical activity.
  • Think about why you are eating: are you hungry or is it due to stress, boredom or being upset? Write it down to see what's triggering your eating habits.
  • Think about the physical activity you do, what motivates you to do it and how you feel afterwards.
  • Keeping a diary regularly at the start is very useful and allows you to identify changes you can make. You may find you use the diary less frequently over time e.g. use it when you are reassessing your goals or to help you focus again when the going seems tough.