Stay active tips

Fight the excuses!

Excuses are a great thing. They get us off the hook in the short term. In the long term though, excuses swindle us out of the benefits of getting more active. If you’ve swindled yourself in the past, here are some solutions to stop it happening again.

Obstacle Solution
The weather is too bad to get outside for a walk Make sure to fit in that walk on days when the weather is fine! Or how about indoor activities like badminton, yoga, and the like during the winter months?
I’ve very little time to spare Remember that three short 10-minute bouts of physical activity built into your day will all add up
The gym is very expensive No need to join the gym to get fit! A good pair of walking shoes is all anybody really needs to become more active
I’m not sporty Try something you enjoy, like a weekend walk in the countryside or attending a dancing class
I’m too old Unless you have trouble moving around, it is never too late to become more active
It’s dangerous See your GP if you are worried that becoming more active could be unsafe for you. For most people, however, it’s more dangerous to be inactive
I’m embarrassed about getting into a tracksuit Most activities, like walking, only need comfy shoes
I’m just embarrassed because I’m so out of shape If you have become very overweight, talk to your GP before you start to exercise. Gradually increase your activity. Feel proud that you’re getting physically active. Bring along a good friend for moral support if you need to